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Belfield Music

About Belfield Music

Belfield Music is your one-stop shop for all things music. After originally opening with a small store in Belfield, we have expanded our operations to a much larger store in Bass Hill, Sydney. We also have our entire inventory available for purchase online, so that we can help musicians all over Australia get the instruments, accessories and DJ gear that they need at the best possible prices.

Our inventory of musical instruments includes drums, pianos, keyboards, guitars, basses, harmonicas and violins. We also carry guitar amps and accessories, speakers, microphones, headphones and DJ equipment essentials like midi controllers, turntables and mixers. We carry the biggest brands, including Casio, Korg, Numark, Alesis and Behringer, and we feature everyday low prices on everything in stock at our store and featured on our website.

At our Bass Hill store, we are pleased to offer affordable guitar repairs to get your instrument sounding like new again. We even offer a free cleaning with every repair. We also operate a DJ training school and provide music lessons for singing, guitar, piano and keyboard and drums. Whether you're a beginner or wanting to advance your skills, we can help you take your love and talent for music to the next level.

In everything we do at Belfield Music, we strive to provide the very best customer service. As a 100 percent Australian owned and operated small business, we are truly committed to ensuring that every customer we serve is fully satisfied and charged a fair, low price for their purchases. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help recommend the best instrument or equipment for you, explain the differences between the different products that we carry and provide you with more information about our School of Music and DJ School.

If we can be of assistance at any time before, during or after your purchase in our store or online, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at (02) 9642 4450 or by completing the "Contact Us" form.

To all of you, from all of us at Belfield Music - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Elias Moujaber
Business Owner

The History of Belfield Music

Early Years 2009-2011

Since first opening in July 2009, Belfield Music Shop has undergone the kind of change, evolution, and growth that makes it almost unrecognisable from it’s humble beginnings.

Originally, Belfield Music was a small, but ambitious project opened in, yes, Belfield, Western Sydney, and was located in a gorgeous retail from with rustic stone arched windows, and subtle hints at the location’s origins as a diamond shop carefully hidden in plain sight!

Originally specialising in Behringer, Casio, Cort, Ernie Ball, Laney, and Marshall, this beautiful 70m2 building was divided into our display showroom and shopfront, as well as offices and warehouse space, and as you can imagine, our rapidly expanding business quickly found itself feeling a little cramped in the location, and in need of an exciting sea change to be able to continue the adventure!

Above Picture is of our first Location in Belfield in 2009.
The picture to the right is a collage of the showroom at the time.
The picture bottom left is of the warehouse showing the amount of orders dispatched daily

It wasn’t long before Belfield Music was shipping out 50+ products per day, and by early-2010, the warehouse door had started to look like a cluttered treasure-trove of musical instruments, PA equipment, and mysterious cardboard boxes. A busy stream of trucks and couriers were coming and going at all hours, and our online presence was finally feeling well-established.

Our kingdom’s conquest had expanded to a private storage locker, but we quickly realised this wouldn’t be enough, and we upgraded this to a whole warehouse, at a second location.

This large and spacious warehouse gave our staff some much needed room to stretch their arms, and expand our inventory and stock-list, but within a year, it too, had been filled and outgrown by the booming business, and it made the most sense to recombine the two halves of the Belfield Music enterprise into one stronger, sleeker whole, and so we began scouting locations with enough space for a fully functional dispatch and storage warehouse, AND enough room for a dedicated showroom and offices, too.

It was a small corner of the world to start in, but the time had come to adventure outside of the nest, and for Belfield Music to Rock Your World.

Moving to Bass Hill 2011

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Expansion 2015

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Elias Moujaber
Business Owner