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Belfield Music

Belfield Music Guitar Repairs & Service

Belfield Music Guitar Repairs are available from our Bass Hill Store. From basic re-strings and setups, to more advanced services and repairs, we can take care of it for you. Our well trained technicians will be able to solve any guitar crisis you may have. We will treat your Guitar like it is our own and every repairs come with a free clean on completion so your Guitar will be sounding as well as looking great. No need for bookings just come on in and drop off your guitar into our safe hands.

Basic Re-String $25

A basic re-string includes a quick clean of the guitar

Semi-Pro Re-String $30

Same as basic but with choice of Ernie Ball Slinkys/Earthwoods or Dean Markley Strings.

Pro Re-String $35

Same as basic but with choice of Elixir Strings

Pro Guitar Set-up $60

A setup which will make you feel like a pro, includes Fretboard conditioning and basic re-string

Basic Single Re-String $5

Re-String just 1 string


Floyd Rose + $20
12-String Acoustic + $10
4-Str Bass Guitar + $20
5-Str Bass Guitar + $30
Fretboard Conditioning + $5


To get a quote on any other Guitar related repair please email us at info@belfieldmusic.com.au or call us on 02 9642 4450.